As Göznuru Socks , we determine our quality standarts with an innovative approach based on R&D and always ıt has adopted the image of continuous development.

    In  our  system   customer  expectations  are  taken  into  consideration and sectoral  requirements are foreseen also technology  integration  is  made.  Quality  is constantly  developing value. In  addition , we  provide  continuity  to the  development  of both our employees  and  trainings  within  the  company. We  update  our  existing   We update our existing systems with our modern perspective and the innovations.


    Pattern and design works are prepared by our experienced team according to the requests of our customers  in the design department  in our factory.


    Quality  is priority.  Our principles, which will ensure our high quality standards, are adopted with continuous  training to all our  employees.


    To be a well-known and reputable brand that has adopted the philosophy of unconditional customer and employee satisfaction.

    Biz Kimiz ?

    GÖZNURU TEXTILE IND. AND FOREIGN TRADE. LTD. Company manufactures different size, pattern, quality and model product groups of men, women and children socks under ISO and ECO-TEKS standards under the brand name of  GZN-AND ve GÖZNURU  as well as customers’ private label. Our company was established in 2008  with the textile companies to which it is affiliated, it has achieved continuous innovation by increasing its competitiveness in the sector against emerging market conditions.

    All raw materials of our products are supplied by our company  for product production  and our inspections in our factory are carried out carefully at every stage of production.

    Our designs and research and developments prepared by our experts team.